Santiago announces a new “comprehensive” social assistance program with more than 1.5 million euros

Santiago announces a new “comprehensive” social assistance program with more than 1.5 million euros

In addition to a periodic income, it includes support for maintenance, payment of mortgage, payment of debts or school meals and agreements with entities

The City of Santiago has presented on Thursday a new “comprehensive” program of social assistance for people at risk of exclusion that is endowed with just over 1.5 million euros and which is expected to benefit more than a thousand people and collaborate with social entities of the city in the integration.

The mayor, Agustín Hernández, and the councilor of Social Services, Maria Corral, presented on Thursday the program ‘Santiago Suma’ of social inclusion, whose draft will immediately transfer to legal advice and opposition groups with the intention of to approve it in the ordinary plenary session in March and to be operational in the month of June.

This program, explained Hernández, constitutes a “new integral strategy” of “the most disadvantaged groups” in the city, which presents “novel and constructive proposals” to overcome this situation and respond to the consequences of “the crisis”.

In addition to a “boost” to social aid, which are diversified and can be added, this program will avoid becoming a “subsidy”, linking the perception of benefits to “a personalized social inclusion itinerary” that will be developed from social services from the town hall for each beneficiary in the areas where they most need it – work, family or social.

The program is based on four axes. The first of these is the Solidarity Income, a periodical benefit to which the city council will allocate 600,000 euros to cover the “most basic” needs of families. Likewise, half a million euros will go towards aid for risk situations and prevention and social insertion aids, benefits linked to specific elements that may or may not be combined with the perception of income.

Finally, the consistory will allocate more than 400,000 euros to agreements with social entities for the development of social insertion programs and work with different groups.

Solidarity income

The compostelanos who face economic difficulties will be able to request to the city council a periodic economic aid for the coverage of basic needs, that will oscillate between the 399.38 euros monthly for the cases of a single person and 718.88 for family units of 7 or more members in those that live minor.

The beneficiaries must have an income below the limits established by the Xunta to obtain the Risga and, in fact, the benefit will cover up to the maximum limit for the request of this benefit.

The intention of the municipality is to cover the income of these families up to the maximum limit of resources necessary to request the Risga with the idea that they can claim it if they are entitled to it.

In order to obtain municipal assistance, unlike La Risga, it will not be necessary to belong to any group at risk of exclusion in particular and may be compatible with obtaining other income provided that the minimum is not reached. Obtaining the solidarity income will be annulled if a Social Integration Income is granted.

In addition, the Solidarity Income may be supplemented by an aid of 133.13 euros per month for the payment of expenses derived from accommodation, both in the case of a rental and a mortgage.

Situations of social risk

Citizens of Santiago may also request assistance to face “situations of social risk”, related to specific payments.

These include support for maintenance, similar to the current Support Measures for Prevention and Social Integration, but which extend the possibility of obtaining it up to 12 months per year and take into account the number of family members. The maximum amount in this index will vary between 324 and 454 euros.

Likewise, the city council will also collaborate to the payment of the accommodation – rent, mortgage or pension – for a maximum of six months out of a total of 12 – and a maximum of 194 euros – and the bond of the contract of a new home – maximum of 324 euros -. In addition, aid may be requested to pay debts of supplies -gas and light-, registration of new contracts, debts with the community of neighbors or monthly installments of mortgage or rent not paid. The maximum amounts of these last aids range between 291 euros and 972 euros, depending on the purpose.

Among the subsidies for situations of social risk are also subsidies for the acquisition of basic housing equipment, technical aids for the promotion of personal autonomy and aid for situations of extreme gravity, all of them with a maximum of 648 euros.

To conclude, the council will grant prevention and social insertion aid, which will pay up to 64.86 euros per month for social insertion activities that prevent isolation in the child-youth collective; and school canteen, with a maximum of 77.83 euros per month.

Inclusion itinerary

The obtaining of these aids will be linked to the follow-up of an “active inclusion itinerary”, a set of personalized actions that will seek to improve the personal, family, social and work integration of the beneficiary.

For this, the city council will process the hiring of three people who will join the social services team of Compostela and will be dedicated exclusively to this task.

To conclude, María Corral has highlighted the establishment of agreements with social entities for the development of programs that enhance family stability, give leisure alternatives to young people at risk of exclusion, promote the autonomy of dependent or disabled people, assist older people already ‘homeless’ or work on the coverage of basic needs.

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 Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) wants to ease the debt brake for the countries. This reports the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. In the negotiations on a reorganization of the federal-state financial relations Schäuble has suggested that the countries may continue to take up loans after 2020, writes the paper, citing negotiation documents and other unspecified sources. According to the current legal situation, this is forbidden to them. In 2009, the Basic Law was revised accordingly.

Picture: Gross domestic product 

For the federal government, the debt brake is already in effect from 2016, but it should be able to continue borrowing within narrow limits – 0.35 percent of the gross domestic product is allowed. “The Confederation offers to provide the countries with part of its credit financing leeway,” cited the “SZ” from a negotiation document. Schäuble had already mentioned the topic in the discussions with the countries, it was said from several sources.

It was discussed, for example, that in future the Confederation would only be allowed to borrow in the amount of 0.2 percent, while 0.15 percent would be available to the federal states. The amount of the total potential debt of the state would remain the same.

Schäuble’s offer is subject to conditions, writes the “SZ”. He wanted to transform the Stability Council, in which the Federation and the Länder are represented, into a genuine control authority, which could impose and enforce sanctions for breaches of the debt brake.

Suspicions about the system Elkabach

The case animators producers France 2 will be consequences

court: this is the conclusion of the Court of Auditors in its preliminary report on the issue that caused the departure of former President Jean-Pierre Elkabbach and his team, in May 1996. In a study of 150 pages, yet broadcast confidentially to the main actors of the file, which L’Express and Le Parisien published yesterday, extracts, the Court analyzes the famous contracts, their trading terms, payment and benefits that have resulted for facilitators. Described as “financial abuse” the policy of use of six producers amounted to 546 million francs in 1995 and 625 million in 1996. According to the conclusions of the preliminary report, whose release has new passages today, the former leaders of the chain could be prosecuted for “improper use social interest goods or credits France 2”, including contracts with Reservoir Prod, society Jean-Luc Delarue. Patrick Clement, former managing director and former arm right Elkabach, could also be prosecuted for “illegal taking of interest” for having received a loan of 165,000 francs for one of the producers.

Clement networks. According to the court, the team of Elkabach bypassed the bodies of France 2. The center of “decision” was virtually offset He was told “an informal team of advisors”, “among which s’ explains the presence of a bad news director, Jean-Luc Mano, to negotiate contracts for everything except the information. ”

The team of policymakers also expands to an accountant outside, paid by the chain Rodolphe Ankaoua, S & W’s office in charge from December 1993 “a regular assistance mission in particular on the assessment of financial and legal consequences of the agreements. ” S & W will receive 1.7 million in lump monthly remuneration. “The review of all cases handled by the firm shows that with the exception of three studies, which are indicated by reports of questionable content and little depth elsewhere, the work done by the firm seems have merely physical participation in meetings of negotiations. “the fees of the firm are described as” unfair advantage “,” no apparent consideration for the channel. ” The firm is invited to other missions: contract negotiations of all kinds, broadcasting rights purchases of sporting events or even dismissal for which it is not legally authorized.

The firm is in interrogations center because it refers to networks of Patrick Clement, the former general delegate. Grabli Paul, a partner in S & W was the “tax consultant” MTP, founded by the right arm Elkabach. He negotiated for Clement ‘personal tax adjustment, “noted the court. “The S & W premises were used as campaign headquarters for free for three months in the fall of 1993 by the team that prepared the nomination of Mr. Elkabach by CSA (Clément and Mano)”. Finally, S & W is the auditor of Ostradelta, the company had seen “dressing” newscast of France 2. “company receiving services entrusted by Messrs. Mano and Clement, and whose leader would be personally bound to it, “according to the Court. Patrick Clement is also pinned on a “loan of 165,000 francs granted interest-free for 5 years by Paul Ceuzin, shareholder, and employee of Jacques Martin Production (JMP)”, “one of the companies of animateurs- producers with which were signed contracts for the purchase of rights. ” A loan repaid today, according to Paul Ceuzin but could be worth proceedings, Clément.Contacté by Liberation, Patrick Clement as Rudolph Ankaoua, was entrenched behind the “secret of the Court of Auditors’.Jean Peter Elkabach himself has stressed that the report “had been no final deliberations”.

Favored animators. When asked interpersonal relationships that have generated the wave of animators producers contracts, the Court pointed to the results. The contracts were famous entertainers happiness before that of the chain, guaranteeing them a “turnover volume,” and some small advantages (endorsements and indexing “) The payments were unique. 8 or 15 days after receipt of invoices, against 60 in general. the advances were granted before the incorporation of companies. on 10 June 1994, France 2 receives the contract of Jean-Luc Delarue, and emits the same day, a check of 7 1,000,000, while tank Prod is not yet created. The second check of 40.9 million reached him in the month of September. “most producers facilitators of companies have emerged that through the public money they have received, “noted the court,” and have worked as public procurement. the birth of Prod tank is the most spectacular example of this drift. “the Court also raises questions on the “true nature” of companies are facilitators “Whatever the form adopted. Eurl (Air Prod Nagui) Sarl (Despair, Image on air, Nagui, Case Production Arthur) or SA (Prod for the tank) it is reasonable to question the nature of the companies created. ” According to the Court, their “economic reality” was “to manage public funds under shareholders fictitious screens structures.” “The content of the significant emission little is surprising,” says the Court of Auditors.